Compact Fans - All Metals (DC)

Compact Fans - All Metal (DC)

Compact DC fans (all metal) also known as Brushless DC fans are used in Power Supplies, Telecommunication Equipment, Computer Equipment, High End Servers and other high temperature and high pressure operating systems.

The all metal compact housing and impellers make this fan very efficient under extreme conditions and suitable for speed regulation.

Amongst other advantages these brushless fans have a low power consumption, low noise and a vast life span. Hicool Compact DC all metal fans are endowed with excellent safety features.

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DC Brushless

Model Bearing* Voltage
Air Flow
Static Pressure
(mm H2O)
225 x 225 x 80 mm - Metal
225A48HBDC- M Ball 48 1100 2850 647 25 67
280 x 280 x 80 mm - Metal
280A48HBDC- M Ball 48 1900 2700 1130 22 69
Specifications subject to change without notice