BLDC Fans and Blowers

BLDC Fans and Blowers

Welcome to the next generation of industrial cooling: Hicool Electronic Industries' BLDC Fans and Blowers. Our cutting-edge BLDC axial fans and dual centrifugal fans are revolutionizing commercial vehicle air conditioning.

Efficiency and Reliability Combined

Our BLDC Fans and Blowers boast an impressive lifespan of over 40,000 @ 40DEGC operating hours, ensuring uninterrupted performance across various industries. With variable speed control, these fans adapt to your specific cooling needs, providing unparalleled efficiency. The whisper-quiet operation disrupts neither workflow nor environment, making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive applications. Furthermore, compliance with the strictest EMC requirements and high moisture protection class guarantee performance in even the most challenging conditions.

Innovative Technical Features

Soft Start Technology ensures a gentle and smooth startup, reaching full speed in just 20 seconds, and significantly reducing power surges.

Comprehensive Protection: Featuring over-current, locked rotor, and polarity protections, alongside over-voltage and under-voltage safeguards, our fans ensure your operations remain safe and stable under all circumstances.

Adaptive Speed Control: Tailor fan speed effortlessly through linear voltage adjustments from 0~10VDC, offering precise control over cooling intensity.

Maintenance-Free Operation

Our BLDC Fans and Blowers boast a maintenance-free design, reflecting our dedication to quality and longevity

Discover unparalleled industrial cooling technology with Hicool's BLDC Fans and Blowers – where innovation meets efficiency.

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BLDC Axial Fans

Model Category Voltage
(V DC)
Nominal Input Power
Air Flow
G3HD300-J1-100 DC Axial Fan 26 6.5 170 2800 2700 72 2.7
G3HD385-J1-100 DC Axial Fan 26 7.1 185 2550 3300 78 3.5
E3HD097-J1-100 DC Centrifugal Fan 24 11 265 3200 1050 65 2.5
Specifications subject to change without notice